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Microporous plates and cellular rubber products

Cellular rubber plates and die-cuts can be used for wide variety of applications such as sealing material, shock-absorbers, pads under machinery or metal products etc. Plates are made of gray to black cellular rubber and they may come into contact with water, wood, metal, rubber, glass, textile and similar materials or substances. Plates and cellular rubber products are airtight, soft and easily deformable. They can be easily glued by rubber-based adhesives. They may be exposed to regular weather conditions at temperatures from -40 to +70℃.

Plates are made in given dimensions, 1500 mm long, 500 mm wide and 5, 7, 10, 12 mm thick. Those can then be split (one-sided or both sides) into 2,0; 2,5; 3,5; 4,0; 5,0 mm thick plates. Attributes and properties of cellular rubber plates and die-cuts (cut-to-size) are specified in more detail in „Product technical specification TSV-RPF-002“.

Rubber bags used for gas pipes sealing

Rubber bags used for gas pipes sealing

Rubber bags are put into gas pipe and filled with nitrogen or oxygen for airtight sealing of the pipe before starting installation works or repairs. They are made of black elastic rubber, can be used at temperatures between -55 to +70 °C and they are not resistant to aggressive environments. They are almost of round shape when inflated and are provided with one or two flow hoses. Bag's wall is 1,2±0,2 mm thick and the bags are made in sizes from 80 to 1800 mm (bag's diameter when inflated). More details are provided in „TSV-RPF-001“.

Rubber hoses vulcanized without cylindrical mandrel

Those are used for liquid substances transportation at working temperatures based on type of rubber used in production, which also affects resistance to variety of environments. Surface of the hose is smooth due to free vulcanization on a plate.

We can also produce hoses from silicon rubber using the same technology which enables usage at temperatures from -30 to 180℃.

Hoses are made in dimensions based on our customer's needs and requirements.

Significant volume of production is made by hoses used for drinking water, which received an appropriate certificate issued by State Testing Laboratory.

Certified for contact with drinking water

Hadice a hadicové úřezky

Special short length hoses

Hoses are made by extrusion or wrapping a rubber compound around a cylindrical mandrel which allows for a wide range of inner diameters from 4 mm up to 500 mm. Those can be 2100 mm long, in some cases even up to 3500 mm. These cut offs (segments) can be reinforced with embedded textile. Once vulcanized the hose is grinded in order to achieve an exact outer diameter and cut-off to a required length. Resistance and properties are dependent on the type of rubber compound used in production which is selected, or developed, based on customer's needs and requirements.

For Example:

  • Rubber tensioning rings
  • Grouting segments
  • Spinning rollers and one-layered belts for textile industry
  • Elastic joints for pipes
  • Protective rubber coats
  • Sealing rings
  • Grips and bumpers
  • Rubber-Metal products
  • Sleeves, dusters
  • Rubber-coated wheels

Molded products

Molded rubber products are made using compression molds and vulcanizing presses with press plates' dimensions from 400x400 mm up to 1300x1300 mm. Molds are made from rubber for wide range of applications including silicon rubber with temperature resistance up to +280℃.

For Example:

  • Seals of specific shapes
  • Seals for autoclave lids
  • Homogenous rubber plates
  • Breaking tubes
  • Rubber silent blocks
  • Complex inflatable seals
  • Membranes
Special products

Special products

Our company is capable of producing a wide variety of special, tailor-made products based on our customer's needs and requirements. Sealing plates, cellular rubber plates, hoses, insulation foils and other products of our portfolio are often used when producing these specialities.

For Example:

  • Large-Scale seals
  • Sealing membranes for pipes transporting granular and powdery materials
  • Abrasive resistant shells for building materials mixers
  • Sleeves for elastic joints and sealing off pipes
  • Large-Scale sleeves, standard or antistatic, for connecting pipelines in mines
  • Rubberizing of wheels, cylinders (rollers) and complex spatial components
  • Rubber inserts (sleeves) into shut off (pneumatic) valves
  • Rubber compensators (rubber expansion joints) in diameters from 80 mm up to 2200 mm

Dairy bags

These inflatable bags, which are made from rubber compound certified for food contact, are used for cheese production. They have a rectangular shape, beige color, and the most common dimensions are 810x1530x935 and 935x1530x270 mm. We facilitate repairs in case of minor damage during use.

Certificate for food contact

Foliové materiály

Foil materials

Foils are made by continual vulcanization of drawn materials on a rotary press. Thickness ranges from 0,7 to 5 mm and width of the foil can be up to 1200 mm.

For Example:

  • Sealing plates for general use
  • Sealing plates used for food contact
  • EPDM foils resistant to regular weather conditions
  • Special foils for flat seals production
  • Highly elastic foils made from natural rubber
  • Vulcanization of any drawn materials provided by customer

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