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Customer enquires product based on technical specification and required attributes. The enquiry should preferably contain dimensions, properties and amount of requested rubber products. We will contact customer immediately and consult specifics of given enquiry in case of any ambiguities or need for further information.

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Price offer and delivery terms

We will process specifications resulting from received enquiry, analyze material and technological requirements and we will get back to you with a price for which we are able to realize your product. We will also let you know how long it will take us to make your product counting from the day we receive a binding order.


Once we receive a binding order we will draw a purchase agreement based on agreed conditions which we will send you to sign. There is nothing stopping us from proceeding your order to R&D, or directly into production, after receiving confirmed purchase agreement.

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We have to research and develop appropriate rubber compound which ensures required properties of the final product and technological process which ensures high-quality and timely realization of given order, in case of a new type of product with specific requirements. Output of this stage provides us with rubber compound formulation and technological process with all necessary documentation.


Company's technical equipment and years of experience of its employees are a guarantee of high-quality realization of given order. In production stage we process a rubber compound created according to a developed formulation and we make the final product strictly following a set technological process. Adhering to technological instructions and quality of the product are continuously monitored during the production phase.

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When finished the products arrive to the dispatch department for a final quality control. Once checked the products are carefully and diligently packed in order to reach their final destination without any damage. Order is always realized, packed and ready for dispatch in agreed time. Customers may pick it up at our premises, or let us to take care of the delivery.

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